Misty (aurora_nebulosa) wrote in all_disability,

Phone Navigation Problems


I am presently using an HP iPAQ Glisten mobile/cell phone with Windows Mobile 6.5 and Mobile Speak.

When I bring up the composition window for a text message and have entered in all my contacts, I am then unable to navigate down to where I can enter the actual text for the message! When I hit the Down Arrow, it just keeps me in the "To" field (where all of my selected contacts have been entered)! I can't get out of the "To" field by using my arrow keys!

A similar problem appears to exist when I am in Internet Explorer: When I am in a multi-line text box, after I have entered text, I can find no way to get out of that text box to take other actions. If I press "Enter", it just takes me down a line, but keeps me in the text box and I can't get out of it do to any other actions, such as hit a "Submit" button in a form!

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