The Yarn Project of Michael Leach (theyarnproject) wrote in all_disability,
The Yarn Project of Michael Leach

Getting Through Recovery, With A Metaphor

Hey there, everyone. My name is Michael Leach, and for a long time, I was told that I had cerbral palsy. I was 27, when I found out that was not true. I had spent 8 years in a wheelchair (needlessly). It turned out that I had a disability, known as Strumpell Lorraine Syndrome.
The good news...Surgery was an option. With surgery, I could up, out of the wheelchair, and in time, I could walk again.
On November 18, 2009, I had the bilateral foot surgery, which would change my life.
Now...I was on the road to a long recovery, with nothing to focus on, but the pain. So, I decided to take up the challenge, of learning to crochet, loom knit, and knit. I just thought it would be fun to learn these, and keep a blog about it.
In some weird way, I quickly realized that the yarn I worked with, was a metaphor, for my recovery.
And so, I keep working with yarn. And, through it all, I have learned patience, from yarn. Patience, which helps me continue my road to full recovery.
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