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 Hi everyone! I am a direct care staff for a residential home in CA. I have started a petition on change.org to provide more funding for agencies and organizations that provide the care for individuals with disabilities. As far as I see it, many people, those who DON'T have disabilities, often don't take the opportunities they are given to succeed in life. All the while, the people that do have disabilities have goals they want to reach that could be anything from dressing themselves, to getting a job. People with disabilities require direct care support to achieve these goals. Bottom line. However, direct care support staff get paid very little when it is such a rewarding job. I find this very wrong. We put our lives, stress, problems, and issues aside to assist others to have a great quality of life. They deserve to be as independent as they can be. They have human rights just like anyone else and providing more pay to direct care staff would be more of incentive to help them achieve their goals. Please help get more funding for staff and for agencies. I am asking you to please sign this petition, share it with friends and family and ask them to sign too! Read the petition and the letter that is going to be sent to legislators and you will see my proposed plan. Thank you all very much!

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